Chonky Cat Logo and Branding Concepts

Everyone loves a chonky cat.

“Chonky Cat Donut Shop” is a brand concept I created for a hypothetical small chain of coffee and donut shops. I wanted to go with something fun, whimsical, and bright after creating the somewhat dark and edgy imagery for Murder Hornets, my last brand concept. Chonky, or internet-speak for chunky, is a popular way to refer to adorable and overweight pets. As the owner of a rather chonky cat myself, I can attest that they make for naturally likable mascots.

The cartoon cat is based on a doodle I did of my own chonky cat, Stella. The font, Djadoel, with its all capital letters and and somewhat boxy look, contrasts with and complements the curved lines of the cat. The circular shape of the logo is reminiscent of a donut, and also echoes the round shapes of the cat’s eyes and cheeks.

The color scheme is meant to be evocative of sprinkles and icing. The key color pink is generally considered a calming, comforting color and therefore a natural choice for a comfort food like doughnuts.


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January 27, 2022