Sleepless Muse Logo and Branding Case Study

Here’s the design process I went through for my own logo and brand, or rather, the re-design process.

“Sleepless Muse” is a name I’ve held onto since I was in high school and first learning graphic design and website building. Insomnia is something I used to struggle with pretty consistently, from an early age. Sometimes it stemmed from having too many ideas late at night, with not enough time or energy to follow through with all of them. These days it’s not something I still suffer from, but I always liked the name. It was the name of my first art/graphic design blog, although I had to opt for as the domain name was already taken. But I always kept an eye on it, and when the domain one day came up for sale again, I snatched it up on impulse. I didn’t start building the site right away, but I knew it was a project I wanted to come back to eventually.

The brainstorming phase wasn’t long. I already knew I wanted to incorporate imagery related to nighttime and dreaming, and had a general idea of the color scheme I wanted as well (black, blue, and white).

From there I started generating a few ideas in Affinity Designer, playing with different fonts and moon symbols.

This was the final draft for a while:

However, after I began building this website, I felt that it was a little too simplistic. I decided this more intricate half-moon graphic fits more with the detailed drawings of birds and flowers I have at the bottom of the homepage:

And here’s the final branding kit:

Sleepless Muse Branding Kit


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December 28, 2021